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"It is vital to the well being of all furs that they are stored, cleaned and maintained annually."

Protect Your Investment:
Take Care of Your Furs 
It is more important than ever
that your winter-weary furs
receive tender loving attention
from GoldinStyle to keep
them looking their best.
Were the experts.
Repair, replenish, revitalize.
Shop Your Own Closet:
Update Your Furs 
Pull those coats you wouldnt
dream of wearing and make
an appointment to meet with
Anne Dee Goldin at her
Designers Studio in Manhattan.
Rethink, restyle, repurpose what
you already own to assure
wallet friendly, up-to-the-moment-chic. 



(We’re great with them.)


Whether a Wild Winter or a Mild Winter
or a little bit of both…




As a matter of fact, their long life and good looks depend on it.


It is vital to the well being of all furs, old or new...

that they are stored, cleansed and maintained annually.


At GOLDINSTYLE, your furs will receive the tender loving attention

 they deserve to keep them looking their best.


We’re the experts and take great pride in the work we do.




1. Our Climate-Controlled Vaults are maintained at 45* F with a 50% humidity level. High humidity causes mold, mildew and even worse parasite infestation. We’re talking bugs. Low humidity strips away the natural oils, causing the pelts to become brittle and rip, as well as possible hair loss.

Think of it as premature ageing.


2. We keep our vaults in the dark or twilight. Light causes fur to oxidize. Oxidation will alter the color of the fur in areas exposed to light, typically at the shoulders and sleeves. If not stored in this darkened environment, you can very well end up with a multi-colored fur.


3. Our Spacious Vaults assure that your furs will not be crushed. Gracious spacing of each fur on a broad shouldered hanger allows proper air circulation.

Each fur is treated like a precious gem.


 4. Our Revitalization Treatment is essential and recommended annually. Cleansing and Conditioning removes dust, dirt, salt, perfume and make-up as it replenishes the natural oils that keep fur supple.

Our State-of-the-Art Cleaning Equipment is the best in the industry.


Your Furs Will Be Returned to You Renewed and Pristine…

Ready to Embrace Another Winter.




While you might think you are doing your furs justice by storing them in an air-conditioned home in a dark closet, you are putting them at risk.

Simply, your furs are not protected.


§  NEVER store fur in a Cedar Closet. Cedar absorbs moisture and therefore dries out fur.


§  NEVER store fur with Mothballs. Mothballs produce a gas that acts as a fumigant. It can cause irreparable damage to fur, not to mention an ‘old lady’ lingering odor.


§  NEVER store fur in a basement (too damp) or an attic (too hot and dry).


There is No Substitute for GOLDINSTYLE Fur Care to Keep Your Furs Safe.

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